actor Matt Mullins in KRDK.

Billy's long lost older brother, Ronnie James, makes a unexepected visit onboard Terra Venture, after knowing of Billy recieving another speeding ticket for speeding off on the streets. Ronnie already knows Billy is the Blue Ranger.

While he made his visit, he plots a scheme so evil and worth criminally, he wants Gwen McQueen -- the Pink Ranger-- for ransom, and capture her. He kidnaps Gwen and Ronnie wants his brother to risk his life to save her and also in order to get her back, the two street race at the dead of an early evening.

Shoot DateEdit

  • December 3, 2010

Cast of CharactersEdit

Guest Star:Edit

  • Matt Mullins - Ronnie James (live) and the TF mutant Steelix (voice)

Production TriviaEdit

  • This segment does not feature any Gingaman footage, but at least it used the usual Galaxy Megazord transformation stock footage and its Saber slash stock footage.
  • The Ranger and Megazord battles in this segment takes place at night instead of during the daytime.
  • The first segment in Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena to include Toei, Saban, and Anthony Marsh, Jr's Ginga2 footage. With this footage, Ginga2 have episode titles that are just coined "Fake". The Ginga2 footage is exclusively for these Power Rangers. This was a referrence to Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers' 2nd season, when it used the Zyu2 footage for the remaining episodes before Saban picked up any existing Dairanger footage for later MMPR2 episodes, because Saban at the time were exhausted in using some leftover and resent reused existing Zyuranger footage after MMPRs1.
  • Matt Mullins previously played Len/Wing Knight in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.
  • This was director Bryan Spicer's last segment to be filmed by him for PRLGTROT until the finale " The End of Terra Venture ",in which he did filmed to complete the picture.

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