This is an article about a fan-made Power Ranger, who is a non-canon Ranger, who only exists in its comics and films.

Tyler James Williams was originally going to be Austin Weems in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena when the character was supposed to be fully a major character in the film but the character and actor was dropped for the remainer of the film.

Austin Weems is a character in Power Rangers LG: Galactic Military Police Defenders , created by Anthony Marsh, Jr .

Character Background and TriviaEdit

  • Austin is AJ Weems ' younger brother, who (in some comic incarnations) he passed on his powers of the 2nd-Generation Yellow Galaxy Ranger.
  • This version of the character Marsh, Jr created is loosely based on Anthony's real-life brother Austin Marsh.
  • Austin was originally involved to be one of the Rangers in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena , this time not to be played by Marsh - like in the unproduced films of the series - but is supposed to be portrayed by Tyler James Williams , of the UPN/CW series Everybody Hates Chris (2005-2009).
  • Like his brother, Austin is also African-American.
  • Like his brother, Austin likes to play video games.
AJ Weems

Ranger Designation:

Quantum (2001), Yellow (2002-2009,2010)




Active (2001-2010),Inactive (since late 2010),

Number of comic appearences:


Number of film appearences:

1 (The Rise of Trakeena), 8 (unproduced/unreleased PRLG films)

First Appearence:

(unproduced Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy movie projects, 2002-2009)

Last Appearence:

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena (pilot movie only)


Anthony Marsh, Jr (in the unproduced films), Tyler James Williams (scenes deleted), Austin Marsh (inactive)

  • Unlike his brother, Austin perfers to have his self-time (like Marsh's real-life brother who does the same).

    Austin when he was the 2nd Yellow Galaxy Ranger, but later dropped out in later years.

As A RangerEdit

In some comic incarnations, Austin is never active as a Ranger, but in the unreleased/unproduced films of PRLG (2002-2009, except 2008's Power Rangers: The Last Stand, whereas he's brainwashed working for a villain), He is until the unreleased 2009 Power Rangers: Lost Generation 3. Like his brother, his zord is the Wolf Galactabeast , as the 2nd Yellow Galaxy Ranger, Austin wields the Wolf Quasar Saber, a Transdagger, and Quasar Launcher.

In the 2001 comic series of Lost Galaxy, which blended mostly

Austin as the 2nd, but non-canon, Quantum Ranger.

Time Force-based storylines, Austin was the Quantum Ranger (Rather than Eric, who is the real Time Force Quantum Ranger in the TV show). In it, he had the Quantisaurus Rex (Q-Rex for short), the Q-Blaster, and the Quantum Morpher.

See AlsoEdit

  • Hikaru , in Gingaman.
  • Naoto Takizawa , in TImeranger, who is also Eric Myers ' counterpart from it for PRTF, which Austin was roughly based in the 2001 comic book series of PRLG.
  • AJ Weems , Austin's older brother who is initially the Yellow Ranger.

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