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In Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena, Billy James was portrayed by Rider Strong .

Character SynopsisEdit

Billy is a very stubborn and arrogant member of the Power Ranger team, who is a clown and practical joker. Most of the time he is serious. He gets along with the staff of Terra Venture , including his teammates Tony Marshall (Tobey Maguire ), Browne Jones (Charlie Murphy ), Wendy Jane O'Hara (Kristen Bell ), and AJ Weems (Anthony Marsh, Jr ). He is often famous for making some mistakes in his
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life. Born in the Brooklyn side of New York City, currently residing Queens, New York, Billy is an expert at video games, extreme sports, skateboarder, and has a fasination with girls (who he calls "Hot Babes").

Billy also has a crush on Gwen McQueen (Shannon Spruill /Rachel Dillinger ), a goth girl who was a professional wrestler/valet- turned - psychaitrist.

In the forthcoming segment "Enter the Dark Galaxy ", Billy makes a huge but BIG mistake having and allowing Deviot  to recieve the Galaxy Book , and he loses the book to his evil hands, causing him to mutant and attack the
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Original helmet featured in the fan-film which was the MMPR movie Blue Ranger helmet

Power Rangers. In the grand battle with Deviot at the Mountain peak of Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, Billy gives the team the small crystals The Guardian ( Kevin Sorbo ) gave them to protect him and the team when Tony, Browne, A.J. and Gwen were not present at the time. The crystals involved into the Rangers' newly improved super mighty Galaxy-Quasar Launchers of course, in which the group uses to blast Deviot to smithereans!

Before the film hits to its ultimate climatic, but "emotionally dramatic" finale, Billy worries about the world ending on the 21st day of December of the then forthcoming year 2012. In the film's dramatic finale segment " The End of Terra Venture ". Billy's theory about the world (including Terra Venture) ending came to a somewhat "true" prediction while Trakeena , who, merged with Deviot, destroys the space colony.

As A Ranger Edit

Ranger Designation: Blue
Prlg-rg-kai (2)
Weapons: Quasar Saber, Quasar Launcher, Transdagger, Transmorpher, Lights of Orion Armor,
Arsenal: Jet Jammer, Vector Cycle (used only in one scene)
Zords: Gorilla Galactabeast, Wolf Ninjazord (occasionally), Stratoforce Megazord (summoner)
Ranger Element: Water


  • "Look at ya, that beautiful face, as soon as you at the very moment. (straining): As soon as you crushin' my nuts!"


  • Billy's voice was done by Anthony Marsh, Jr while he was doing the voice impression of the real-life actor.

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