• Anthony Marsh, Jr

    My music composer option of recycled music by my new favorite film composer Christopher Young for my new Power Rangers movie is still on a halt. With Young pending, I jotted down [other] composer options who should do the score other than him.

    Here's my secondary composer options:

    • Sean Murray
    • Steve Jablonsky
    • James Horner
    • Hans Zimmer
    • Brian Tyler
    • Gerald Marrino
    • Christophe Beck
    • John Ottman
    • Ramin Djawadi
    • John Powell
    • John Debney
    • Patrick Doyle

    I was wondering, since I became exhaused with pre-use of Young's music from Spider-Man 3 (which I have been including in my previous unmade PRLG film projects from 2008-2011), I decided to find a "different" composer. My optional idea would be I would use (without permit, only for fair use) music by legendary film compos…

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  • Will James

    With Anthony Marsh, Jr's fan-film adapt of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy inway for next summer, I sat here of 8 minutes in front of my computer, pondering what would be his/our intentions if a PRLG 2 of his new series would be like and how a future sequel would be told.

    I'm not sure if we will get to do a sequel after LG 2014 will suceed (for better or worse) and what will a future second installment will be like. Since I heard that Anthony was not going to include Trakeena in the first of a new film trilogy, I had thoughts if she would be a main villain in #2 so I jotted down some celebrity casting options for her IF a PRLG 2 will be made sometime in the future. I know we put Jerry Hall on hold (since Traky is not going to be in PRLG 1 '14) but…

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  • Leo Corbett (officialGalaxyRed)

    I became pretty outraged that Vortexx has dropped Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy from its newer now former 8:30 AM slot on Saturday mornings in favor of, based on a lot of massive votes, voting them off over a blue Hedgehog whose 4Kids-produced show is more entriging to be watched more on the block. Man, this blows.

    Here's a vid about the topic by the Red Galaxy Ranger intern on PRLostGalaxy2014's YouTube channel.

    After watching this complaint, please comment and tell me what you feel about it.

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  • Leo Corbett (officialGalaxyRed)

    I've just got a word from Anthony a little bit earlier this beginning of 2013 and I can't believe this fanfilm adapt of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy will be his one-and-only, after working his ass off for years. Not 2 years, not even 3 or 4. 10. 10 years thoughout a decade and as I, a fictional character, didn't know he has been trying to make this fan-film when he was just a kid going on 13. Odd, normally when people want to pursue something like making movies, it takes ex-High School grads who go to college or a career institute years to pursue what they want in the Media Arts category of a College, University or Career Institute, not when you're just a 10-12 year old tween kid who is/was still going to Elementary school-Middle/Junior Hig…

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  • Trakeena, the Insectile Mantis Queen)

    Here's the list of users/subscribers on YouTube that the Unofficial Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy 2014 fan-film channel, PRLostGalaxy2014, has subscribed to.

    1. 09robwel
    2. 1989BatmanMovie
    3. 360DarthSponge
    4. acornfilms
    5. actbabes
    6. AdamPaulGreen
    7. AdeleVEVO
    8. admiralkathryn
    9. adultswim
    10. AgentBLT
    11. akirawing
    12. AllMadonnaAlbums
    13. Alternative rock
    14. American Beauty
    15. AngemonRulez
    16. Anime music video
    17. Annathetekken
    18. AnnTT01
    19. anthonymarsh1
    20. AnthonyMarshJrFilms
    21. antonpictures
    22. Ariana Grande
    23. AstroGm0089
    24. Ava44fan
    25. baltmatrix
    26. batinthesun
    27. BatmanDeathWish
    28. BBC
    29. BBCWorldwide
    30. benzopil1991
    31. BethGoth15
    32. BeyondTheTrailer
    33. blowshimselfupdude
    34. BmSt32
    35. BombasticBagMan2099
    36. BrandonHexx
    37. Brunoxsa
    38. Bryan Ferry
    39. BuzzFeed
    40. CafeMomStudios
    41. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    43. cardsforall
    44. CCMOfficialChannel
    45. ChannelExtreme
    46. charlieissocoollike
    47. CharlieRose
    48. ChelseaL…
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  • Anthony Marsh, Jr

    This is very heartbreaking. I cannot believe I spent more than 10 years wasting my entire life doing the same Power Rangers, the same stuff, the same concept, the same everything. Three years ago, I came to realization that my fanfic series of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy was beginning to decline, even when I started working on the fanfilm inspired by the series, it was getting even worse. I knew, up to now, that I cannot do the same Power Rangers every year.

    As my parting bid to this, I would like to say goodbye to my own fan-fic universe of Power Rangers, after spanning over 400 comic books, 4 fanfic graphic novels, and only one, out of all the projects, feature film. I would like to also say goodbye to all of the actors I've had in the fil…

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  • Anthony Marsh, Jr

    NOTE: This Blog, was retrieved from the Morphin Grid: Power Rangers/Super Sentai Wiki, first posted by User: Anthony Marsh, Jr , on October 22, 2011.

    Everyone, I have an announcement to make.

    The entire time I joined the Power Rangers wiki, I have been ignored and hated (since nobody wants to read and/or comment about any of my blogs). I feel like I lost interest in the franchise (actually the show in general). The reason why I'm saying this is because I just totally lost it. The new series Power Rangers: Samurai made me feel unexcited for the my future of liking the show for the rest of my life. I lost interest in the show because of this new series. Samurai is nothing but a ripoff of the original Mighty Morphin team in my opinion. Of cour…

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  • Anthony Marsh, Jr

    by Anthony Marsh, Jr.

    I resent put the Power Rangers LG film series on hiatus, as I planned a trilogy of fan-films based on Lost Galaxy.

    Anyway, I resently cast actress Kate Walsh (of ABC's Private Practice) to play the role of Trakeena in the reboot entitled Power Rangers LG: Galactic Underground . During the previous failed attempts of making LG into a film, I wanted Kate in the getgo, but I was overstuffed with other TV/film actresses I had in mind- like Wendie Malick and Angelina Jolie and Terri Hatcher, but they were not good choices for the fanfilm. Kate seems to be the best choice for this. I will begin production on the reboot in either the fall of this year or in 2012. Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena was my first, but wo…

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