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Captain Mutiny

Captain Mutiny, who first appeared toward the end of Lost Galaxy's run, was the leader of a villainous crew of pirates operating out of a fortress on the back of a massive, space-faring reptile called the "Titansaur."

The crew of Terra Venture first encountered him and his cohorts after being magically transported into the "Lost Galaxy." In the beginning, Mutiny pretended to be sympathetic to their plight, and even offered to help them get back home. However, it soon became apparent that he was anything but philanthropic in his intentions, but rather, he intended to loot the space station and enslave its population. His plan was foiled by Mike Corbett and the other Galaxy Power Rangers.

When Deviot joined Captain Mutiny's crew, Mutiny was a bit reluctant, fearing that if Trakeena found out, she would "toss him overboard". This goes to show that not only does Mutiny know of Trakeena, but is afraid of her as well. When Mutiny pursued the Terra Venture crew back into the normal galaxy, Trakeena attacked and destroyed his castle, taking Mutiny and his crew down with it.


Captain Mutiny
Gender: Male
Villain Type: Boss
Season: Lost Galaxy
Homeworld: unknown
First Appearance: Beware the Mutiny
Last Appearance: Escape the Lost Galaxy
Number of Episode

Mike Reynolds


  • "Scurvy space ship has entered the Lost Galaxy, and it's time to welcome it!"
  • "Faster you land-lubbers!"
  • "Arrr! Well blow me down! This is the biggest ship YET!"
  • "If Trakeena finds out that you're working for me now, she'll toss me overboard!"
  • "Come Alive! Titanisaur!"
  • "Shiver Me Timbers!"
  • "Although 5 wouldn't been better, these two will do for starters."
  • "Grunchor won't beat the Rangers. I have a handerchief to make you walk the plank. Now listen up you scallywags, I need slaves, slaves and more slaves to dig for my treasure.....You better. If you don't you'll be digging right beside them until sail into the sunset. You get my point."


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