Daimon, aka. GoYellow.

Daimon Tatsumi/Go Yellow (巽 大門/ゴーイエロー Tatsumi Daimon/Gōierō?) is the fourth and last son of the Tatsumi family.

File CardEdit

Daimon is a Sergeant at the Capital City Police Department. He is the hothead of the group, and he often rushes into situations before thinking, which can get him into trouble. Angry at his brother Nagare's suspension for something that was not his fault, Daimon sticks up for him. He is somewhat the joker of the team; being the youngest male he can be reckless and cocky. Daimon struggles with the concept of being a team player – one of the reasons he is one of the most common recipients of Matoi's chastisement is because he thinks he can handle any situation on his own without his siblings' help. When the team works together they are far more capable and powerful than when working individually; a lesson that Daimon learns the hard way. He can be somewhat indulgent and has a fiery temper. Although he might rush into a fight, he can still be reliable in an emergency. A wannabe bike cop, he is the only male sibling not in the Fire Department. Obsessed with drinking milk, in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, Daimon taught Kai Samezu (GaoBlue) how to perform his famous "Banba-Style Cow's Killer Milk Tornado Drop" ("Banba Hissatsu Ginyu Tatsumaki Otoshi"), which Samezu eventually uses on Lost Highness Rakushaasa. He is 21 years old.

As A RangerEdit

Full Name: Daimon Tatsumi
Ranger Designation: Go Yellow
Weapons: Five Laser, Beak Driller, V-Lancer, Thermo Blaster
Gear: Go Bracer, V-Mode Brace
Mecha: Yellow Armor, GoLiner Four, Yellow Mars 4

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