Demon Hunter Sieg, or as, literately, Juuma Hunter Sieg (獣魔ハンタージーク Jūma Hantā Jīku?, Movie) was the last of a people who had fought and defeated the Juuma, who were mostly exterminated by its sole survivor Golmois. Being the only survivor, Sieg wanted revenge and pursued Golomis to Earth where he encountered the GoGoV, whom he blamed for saving the people in the crossfire instead of fighting Golmois. He came close to fight them were it not for the wounded Kyoko who resembled his superior officer Lilia, healing her later before he fought Go Red to a stalemate. When Kyoko arrives, Sieg leaves as he reveals himself and his intent to kill Golomois before he gets the Dark Sword. But as the GoGo Five fight off the Saima, Sieg is mortally wounded as Go-Red saves him and promises to stop Golomois as he leaves Sieg in Kyoko's care. Near death, and regaining his reason for fighting, Sieg gives Kyoko his gem which that held his Demon Hunter powers in it. He transformed with his jewel by calling "Sieg Tector!".

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