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Desiree is Lord Metarex 's wife, and a wicked evil enchantress. She has two stepsons that are part of her and Metarex's evil alliance, Carnage (Eddie Cranston) and Adonis the Chamelion .

Half of the time, when is engaged into battle, she teams up with General Havoc and Deker (a Nighlok warrior from the 2011 series Power Rangers: Samurai)- who makes a guest appearence in the this new film, and is equipped with a mirage blade. She is possessed with Black Magic including some charmcast spells and galore. Desiree is such also an eager villainess in Anthony Marsh, Jr 's fanfic era of Power Rangers, as it would be common for her to engage in both battles with partners (part of Lord Metarex's army) and on her own.


  • In the upcoming soon-to-be made sequel to Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena , Power Rangers LG: Galactic Military Police Defenders (film) , Desiree is confirmed to be portrayed by [[ Hilary Shepard
    Desiree (2)

    Desiree, with Mirage Blade.

    Turner ]] (credited as Hilary Shapiro ) -former Divatox (Power Rangers: Turbo).
  • It is possible by Marsh, likewise and albeit in his continuity, that Desiree and Divatox are related.
  • Desiree has no Sentai counterpart, but though her Power Rangers villain equivalents are both Divatox and Hexuba.
  • Desiree is Anthony Marsh, Jr's second American-fanmade villain created exclusively for his fanfic continuity of Power Rangers. The first is Lord Metarex.

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