Karone and Leo travel to a planet to restore Leo's powers after the Magnetox monster destroys them. A vision of Astronema makes Karone face her evil past, but she overcomes her demons, and obtains the magical key which gives Leo his powers back, in addition to giving him super armor.


  • November 9, 1999


  • This episode was the last time we would ever see Astronema in the Power Rangers universe.
  • In order to have actress Melody Perkins play both Karone and Astronema on screen at the same time, her scenes had to be in split screen work. One half screen had Perkins as Karone, and the other half with her playing Karone's former evil being.
  • Ecliptor was briefly seen in the flashback Karone forementioned of what she (when she was Astronema) turned an acient warrior into stone.
  • The Magnetox monster was named after the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers s2 monster Magnetron.
  • Deviot does not appear in this episode, nor does Kegler.
  • Trakeena and Villamax only appeared in the beginning of the episode when she asks Magnetox if he got what takes to outbeat the Power Rangers. Since then, they have not been seen much again in this episode, nor in " Turn Up the Volume ".
  • This episode introduces Leo's battlizer, which is obviously the Armor Keys.
  • The first episode in the late LG season 2 storyline to nor feature a Megazord battle. This was later repeated in "Turn Up the Volume", " Until Sunset ", " Escape the Lost Galaxy ", and the " Journey's End " 3-part finale.

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