Lightspeed's experimental Titanium Morpher is stolen, and Diabolico unleashes the evil Titanium Ranger. The Rangers are able to defeat him with their new V-Lancers, but are unable to destroy him, because he is revealed to be Captain Mitchell's son Ryan!


  • April 22, 2000


  • This episode debuts the Rangers' V-Lancers.
  • Introduces the Titanium Ranger, who is the first and only Amercian-made Power Ranger created exclusively for this series.
    • The reason why the Titanium Ranger is created is because GoGo-V, the Sentai this Power Rangers series is based on, didn't have a sixth Ranger (because it focused only on the 5 main heroes and they were siblings in the original Sentai). This however, led Saban the opportunity to create a 100% originally-produced Ranger to fill in the 6th Ranger slot for Lightspeed Rescue.
  • Introduces Ryan Mitchell , Dana's brother and Capt. Mitchell's son.

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