Trakeena escapes the planet Onyx , where she is trained by Villamax . Meanwhile, Deviot sets Scorpius up to be killed by the Power Rangers. When Trakeena hears of this, she races back to the Scorpion Stinger to assume command, just in time to prevent Deviot from using her coccoon.


  • October 23, 1999


  • This episode introduces Villamax and Kegler , until their fates are concealed in Journey's End , pt. 2.
  • This episode was Scorpius' last episode within Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. After his death, he can be seen in flashback scenes, like in resent episodes that had Furio and Treacheron involved.
  • This episode does not feature any Gingaman footage, only stock footage of the Red Ranger in his Lights of Orion armor charging up his saber.

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