Hikaru, aka. Ginga Yellow.

" Ginga Yellow! Hikaru!"

Hikaru, the sometimes childish one of the Gingamen, is Ginga Yellow.

He was fancy-free and fun-loving. Once he lightly blasted at some children who were teasing the horses, and he and Hayate got in a argument over that. He did befriend one of Battobasu 's men, the creature Degiusu. He was young, and wild, and funny. Element: thunder; Earth power: Lightning Roar - armed with Gaverick Run dragging technique.

His Starbeast sword attack is the Thunder Sweeper.

As a RangerEdit

Full Name: Hikaru
Ranger Designation: Ginga Yellow
Weapons: Starbeast Sword, Kiba Knives Attack: Lightning Cut, Machine Blade, Attack Rod
Gear: Ginga Brace, Yellow Thunder, Ginga Cloth, Lights of Ginga
Ginga Beast: Gingaverick


  • Hikaru's PRLG counterpart is Maya , the Yellow Galaxy Ranger, who is a female. He is the sentai Sentai Yellow Ranger (for an American adapt of Power Rangers) that is a male in the Sentai footage, but in the American Power Rangers production, the Yellow Ranger is a female. This controversial response was involved during production on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (with Trini Kwan/Aisha Campbell based on Boi, the Tiger Ranger of 1992's Zyuranger), Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue (with Kelsey based on ,GoGo-Yellow of 1999's GoGo-V), Power Rangers: Time Force (with Katie Phillips based on ,Time Yellow of 2000's Timeranger) and finally, Power Rangers: Wild Force with Taylor based on ,Gao Yellow of 2001's Gaoranger).
  • In 2008-2009, Anthony Marsh, Jr's fanfic continuity of Lost Galaxy has a Yellow Ranger that is a male. Therefore, his version of Galaxy Yellow is not a female.
  • Like in PRLG with the Maya-Deviot rivalry, Hikaru has a rivalry with Biznella (who Deviot is based on).

See AlsoEdit

  • Maya
  • AJ Weems - Marsh's fanmade Yellow Galaxy Ranger- a male (NOT A FEMALE)
  • Skip Richards - Marsh's other fanmade Yellow Galaxy Ranger- a male (NOT A FEMALE)

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