A young boy named Matthew is a stowaway, found in the ship's control bay trying to turn the ship around because he wants to go home, but because the Captain is on a very important mission, it cannot be done, so the Captain tells him ehe has to adjust to life on Terra Venture. Whilst he is learning the ropes with Damon, Terra Venture becomes under attack by a monster who puts everyone to sleep- Gasser . Damon leaves Matthew and morphs with the rest of the rangers, leaving Matthew to fend for himself when he is under attack by Furio and Stingwingers. Matthew runs into the control base to look for help when he finds everyone is asleep. Ripping his suit, Matthew uses the rest of his will-power to lock Furio and the Stingwingers in the lift. the rangers defeat the monster by using the Galactabeasts (which were turned into stone after their arrival) which later forms the Galactabeasts into Galactazords in order to transform the Galaxy Megazord , and as a thank you to Matthew, the rangers deicde to take him home in the Astro-Megaship.

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