Jet Jammers. Red (left), Pink (right), Green (back left), Yellow (middle), and Blue (back right).

The Jet Jammers are a Power Rangers-exclusive vehicle for Lost Galaxy,Introduced in " Homesick ", the Jammers were created by Alpha 6 and DECA, developed especially for the Galaxy Rangers. The Jet Jammers are small one-man aircrafts, useful for brief or long trips to planet surfaces or certain distances in space.


  • In the original draft script for "Homesick" the Jet Jammers had the ability to automatically morph the Rangers whenever they jumped into the cockpit.
  • They are akin to that of the Space Rangers' Galaxy Gliders, but with jet craft-like capability and seats with control sticks on each side of their Jammers.
  • In the Bandai toyline, the Rangers had their Lights of Orion armor applied to their toy forms as seen in Lost Galaxy's Fall 1999 wave.
  • The Magna Defender had a Jet Jammer in only the toyline as well.
  • The Red and Yellow Ranger's Jet Jammers were once damaged in " Journey's End ". Red's was damaged in part 2, while Yellow's was partially damaged in part 3 when Trakeena blasted it in a near distance.

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