Meredith Cincone (b. December 13, 1957) is a New Zealand-born American occasional actress, voice
[1]Added byRangermaniaguy2010actress, composer, writer, producer, and creative consultant. She is currently CEO of Marsh Bros. Productions (Anthony Marsh, Jr's film production studio), and partly Haim Saban 's newly-improved Saban Capital Group, inc.

She is one of the few crew members/filmmakers working on ''Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena .



1 Filmography


As CEO Edit

As Executive Producer/ProducerEdit

  • Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena (2011)
  • Gothland (2012) , with Marsh Bros. Productions, inc.
  • Spider-Man 3.1 (2012) (aka. Spider-Man: The Secret War Chronicles)

As an Actress Edit

  • Smallville (2008, small cameo in unknown episode recorded, uncredited)
  • The Cleveland Show (2010, additional voice, unknown episode)
  • The Big Bang Theory (2010, unknown episode, scenes deleted)
  • The Simpsons (2010, unknown episode of season 21 recorded on her database)
  • Family Guy (2010, additional voices, 2 episodes)
  • Robot Chicken (2010, for upcoming season 5,additional voices, TBA)
  • Fable III (2010) (video game, additional voice(s))
  • Cougar Town (2011, episode TBA)


  • Graduated from the St. Louis University of Arts in 1988.
  • Has done at least 40 voice overs in mainly some video games and is a voice dubber.
  • Allergic to pollen and mold.
  • Began to join the crew of Power Rangers in 2008 when Anthony Marsh, Jr begun to have a "miserable experience". That was when PRLG's interest in fans was dying out by 2008 until Summer 2009 when she helped trying to revive the series.
  • Best friends with producers Jackie Marchand and Koichi Sakamoto.
  • Has a MySpace and Facebook page, but it was never set up yet since 2009.
  • She even composed some additional music for Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena.
  • Her penname in acting is also Brendra Joyce Frishman. However, the pen name's last name is "Cincone". If ironicly, she would be called Brenda Joyce Cincone.
  • She even auditioned the part of Trakeena in the Power Rangers: LG film before Brenda Frishman came along only for 2 scenes until Saban fired her from the remainer of filming the movie and is put on a restraining order from Anthony Marsh, jr and the filmmakers behind PRLG:TROT and led Amy Miller to appear as her original character, before eventual and strict cancellation on the movie may occur.
  • She is even also Frishman's split image, but she resembles actress and model Lisa Rogers.