PRLG 2014 Fan-Film Title (FINAL)


On July 20, 2012, after Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Rise of Trakeena has been terminated, the cast in the fan-film currently still consisted big-name actors (excluding Marsh, who is just a regular person) to play the Power Rangers and their villains and allies, with the film set to star Wes Bentley who was supposed to play the real Red Galaxy Ranger Leo Corbett (who was originally played byDanny Slavin on the show), who returns to recruit 4 new individuals to become the Power Rangers in this film, but it was later confirmed by Marsh he is Tony Marshall (replacing Tobey Maguire ). The reboot also features new faces to Marsh's PRLG fan-film cast family such asDon Cheadle as Browne Jones (replacing Tony Terrell-Smith /Charlie Murphy ), and Katie Cassidy [1] as Gwen McQueen (replacing Shannon Spruill /Rachel Dillinger ).  Marsh was going to repraise his own character of AJ Weems but as of January 2013, it was confirmed that Marsh will not include him in this picture or the remainer of the new series. Rider Strong was going to repraise Billy James for the new film, but decided not to so his part has been recast with Josh Cooke. On November 26, 2012, Kieran Culkin has been indicted as Marsh's next choice to the cast to be his new Yellow Ranger Thorne Campbell in the film.

The Lost Galaxy Rangers in this film (and fan-fiction continuity/series in whole) are completely new and different from the ones from the actual Saban-produced season of the TV series - Leo Corbett, Damon Henderson, Kendrix Morgan, Maya, and Kai Chen, altogether played by Danny Slavin, Reggie Rolle, Valerie Vernon, Cerina Vincent, and Archie Kao respectively - unfortunately, the originals will not be in this film since this is Marsh's reboot era of the same Power Rangers season and this is mainly considered as "The Untold Legacy", thus, the original Galaxy Rangers would be referrenced in the film throughout. On August 25, 2012, actress and model icon Jerry Hall was presumed to be cast as the Galaxy Rangers' most known enemy Trakeena after the character was originally to be played by Patricia Heaton before production on the reboot would even begin. On January 25, 2013, it was confirmed by Marsh (via YouTube on the fan-film's fan user created channel made to support the film, PRLostGalaxy2014), that Trakeena will NOT be in the film (this will mark the second time Marsh has laid the character back for a Power Rangers fan-film, first being The Rise of Trakeena (2010-2012)), instead, her absence has led the character's stead to be replaced with a shadowy, mysterious [male] villain "far twice more superior and powerful than the Power Rangers and their Megazords combined".

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