The film originally was going to end with Villamax XXIII , half-dead, finding Deviot who is left powerless and defeated. They then realize that they're at the bottom of the Earth of Terra Venture's remaining dome when it already landed to the New World. Deviot triumphally desires a way to rule the new universe but that came out short-lived when Tony Marshall surrenders Deviot and Villamax to be arrested and taken aboard the Power Rangers' Galactic Miliary Police Defenders unit.

The Rangers appear at the spot where they first pulled the Quasar Sabers out of the stone in the first place. AJ reminsinces of what Maya once said when her team first pulled the swords out of the stone on Mirinoi after their battle with Trakeena in the final episode of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy --- which, in this case, was in " Journey's End , part 3" --- AJ commences Gwen, Billy, Browne and Tony to do the same, put the swords back in the stone like what Maya, Kai, Damon, Karone and Leo did when their adventure as the Galaxy Power Rangers was over after countless long battles on Terra Venture and across the universe battling Scorpius, Trakeena and Captain Mutiny's armies of evil. After Tony's group put the sabers back in the stone, Tony then raises the Excelsior's Sword of Excalibur in the air to restore time and reality from ending and tossing. The restorage was fully successful and the Rangers end up demorphing magically (god-like). After that, Wendy Jane is revived.

Onboard the USS Flagg carrier ship, Tony meets up with his step-mother Wendy DeVille so that way she can have the nanomites removed from the insides of her body.

The final scene has the Power Rangers moving on to a new journey and a new beginning and wondering who knows what the future would hold for them. The team jumps on their Jet Jammers, flying free-for-all and the Rangers of Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue makes a cameo appearence -- but it was stock footage of them waving goodbye to Team Lost Galaxy from " Trakeena's Revenge " at the end.

Another alternate ending featured Trakeena in a room at the Clinic Asylum using her sword to commit suicide.