Professor Phenomenus is a scientist who specializes in alien searching.

In Power Rangers in Space, After Bulk and Skull observe Astronema's Dark Fortress through a telescope, they come to Phenomenous for help. Phenomenous believes anything harmless can be an alien in disguise. He says it looks normal "to the untrained eye". Phenomenus, along with Bulk, Skull, and other civillians of Angel Grove, claimed to be the Power Rangers to Astronema in the season finale. He claimed to be the Red Ranger.

In Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, Phenomenus, Bulk, and Skull were to board the space colony Terra Venture in its voyage to the New World. However, Skull overslept thus only Phenomenus and Bulk got aboard, not remembering Skull until they got on Terra Venture. In the episode "Stolen Beauty", it was revealed that the two were "booted" from the GSA's science division and worked as bartenders at the Comet Cafe. They appeared again in the season finale.


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