The Pink Quasar Saber makes it way to Onyx, where it is put up for auction. It is stolen by Karone, posing as Astronema. She narrowly escapes Trakeena and her goons, and makes it to the Rangers, who she ends up joining as the new Pink Ranger.


  • November 8, 1999


  • Featured the return of actress Melody Perkins , who played Astronema, the Princess of Evil, and Karone- the sister of Red Space Ranger Andros, in Power Rangers: in Space, to repraise her role of Karone as she becomes the second Pink Galaxy Ranger in the absence of Kendrix Morgan for the remaining episodes of Lost Galaxy's final "near-end" half (this one, and from " Facing the Past "to " Journey's End ).
  • As seen in Lost Galaxy's season 2 opening, this episode initially had Maya to braid the top of her hair.
  • Originally Cassie Chan was going to absorb the Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger powers, but actress Patricia Ja Lee decided to quit after a dispute with the show's producers. This is also the first season to have sentient Zords and feature the death of a Power Ranger in battle (though Kendrix would be revived in the finale).

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