The Rangers try to talk to Trakeena about her ill-fated mentality but AJ interfered the session with his trash talk.

Shoot DateEdit

  • May 25, 2012

    "You regret this. I can ensure you." - Trakeena (Patricia Heaton).

Image23 (3)


  • The Rangers don't appear morphed in this scene.
  • Behind-the-scenes, this was the first segment where Anthony Marsh, Jr began to have hatred against one of his costars in the film, in this case, it began to be toward Tobey Maguire. The reason why, he realized - in his mind - Tobey is not a good actor considering him one of the worst actors ever, based on what some people think of his acting and career.
  • This is the final scene to feature voice actress Lani Minella to dub Trakeena's voice on screen. Minella declined to voice her for the rest of the film, so for the rest, Caren Manuel took over.
  • This was the only scene where Browne Jones used the N word toward AJ because of AJ's arrogant behavior.
  • This scene showcased AJ's intolorant behavior in his way of saying he's gone way too far with his words and mouth. It also became an influence and basis of how his father be cussing him out due to most of the things nowadays in Anthony's personal life that is out of control.

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