The Starbeasts (星獣 Seijū?) are sentient beings, originally from different planets (Galeon, Galcon, Garilla, Gaverick, Gat, Taurus, Rhinos, Phoenix and Bitus), located in the Ginga Forest that help the Gingaman fight evil. The Gingaman's Earth power would increase when man and beast combine.

Each of their planets has a planet stone, which are miniature versions of the planets themselves. When the Gingaman channel the energy of the Starbeasts' home planet through their Kiba Swords the first five Starbeasts are able to transform into Silver Starbeasts (銀星獣 Ginseijū?) by the command "Great Rebirth, Silver Starbeasts!" (Daitensei Ginseiju).

The planets of Starbeasts GingaRhinos , GingaPhoenix , and GingaBitus were destroyed by the Barban long ago. They were converted into Steel Starbeasts (鋼星獣 Kōseijū?) by Biznella under his control when they were rendered dormant. After recharging them with the Galaxy Lights, Biznella set them against the Gingamen. The fact that they were Starbeasts made Super Armor Shine Gingaioh and Bull Taurus reluctant to fight them. However, the Steel Starbeasts were freed from their programming by the brotherhood of their fellow Starbeasts. They then destroyed Biznella near the finale. They aided the Gingamen in many of their battles. However, in the Gingaman vs. Megaranger special, Giga Rhinos and Giga Phoenix farewell to the Gingamen after fighting Ghelmadix. Giga Bitus is not killed after two of them are sacrificed.

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