Steerwoman Shelinda (操舵士シェリンダ, Sōdashi Sherinda, 1-49, Gingaman vs. Megaranger) is the second in command and the navigator of the Barban. Cruel and selfish, she gained a scar from a battle with Hayate and swore revenge. Had a relationship in the past with Budoh thou she doesn't act like they were a couple she does casual tell him information and he in part treats her civily and defends her from the other crew members. An expert with the sword, though she was killed in a final duel with Hayate in episode 49. Her costume is shell themed. She is revived by Gregory, and is killed once again by the Gingaman in the Galaxy Lights armor in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Megaranger.

Shelinda first appear as the second in command to Zahab, the white haired steerwoman of balban. She lead the attack to ginga forest the gain the forest energy to revive Daitanix. The plan was foiled by Oogi who turn the forest in to the stone.[1]

In finale she fought one last duel with GingaGreen and she was finally defeated. Only her sword remained.

In Gingaman VS. Megaranger, Shelinda was resurrected, along with Zahab,the other Generals and Maijins. She soon learned of Hizumina treachery and slashed her, wounded her in process. She battle GingaGreen and was defeated forever.

Trivia and ControversyEdit

  • Shelinda is cruel, selfish and greedy. The mistress of swordwomanship and very powerful enermy of
    Kei Mizutani
    gingaman. She, when fighting never backup or leave the battle until the result is shown. Which prove to be her downfall.
  • Due to showing too much skin, Shelinda's costume was changed to a bug design in the adaptation for Power Rangers for Trakeena .
  • In Gingaman, Shelinda had cleavage, but Anthony Marsh, Jr's fanfic era of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, Trakeena (in its feature fan-film and spin off movie, plus his comic book adaptation) bared cleavage but not on the show.

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