Center milkway galaxy

The Dark Galaxy.

A dark galaxy is a hypothetical galaxy composed of dark matter.[1] Dark galaxies receive their name because they have no detectable stars and are theoretically invisible. An influential community of scientists conjecture the existence of dark galaxies to support theories based on other well studied celestial bodies.[2] There is experimental evidence to support the existence of dark galaxies, although scientists have no conclusive evidence and continue their research. Scientists have proposed a means to track down the dark dwarf galaxies that should be orbiting the Milky Way, saying they have now found evidence of one.[3]

In Power Rangers LG: The Rise of Trakeena , the Power Rangers and the space colony Terra Venture ended up in this universe which altered the time of the universe as it ended reality and time being tossed over. Following this such wicked catastrophe, the Rangers

Terra Venture in the Dark Galaxy.

venture through this universe during the rest of the movie in order to find Trakeena 's trail. It is noted in the film that Trakeena is the Queen Ruler of the Dark Galaxy, according to the Galaxy Book's theories of Legendary Ranger Tales.

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