While the Pink Ranger's quasar saber ends up missing, Tony, AJ, Browne, and Billy must find
Daffney 288x288
the saber before it falls into the worng hands (like in "Protect the Quasar Saber"). Gwen McQueen, who has been absent for 10-12 days in the film, returns to get the saber, after hearing of Wendy Jane's death. Jet Rocket and Villamax XXIV go after Gwen, who has the saber, but Gwen manages NOT to lose the saber to them. Running from them, Gwen heads to the valley dome of Terra Venture, where the other Rangers are as they find WJ's saber. The guys find the saber but unfortunately, they end up in a dangerous trap! They think they found the saber, but they didn't. It was the handle of the Quasar Saber they only found. Once Tony pulled the saber's handle out from the raggedy old green bagsack, an explosion occured behind the 4 Rangers. The team are later rescued by Gwen, who threw the Quasar Saber at Deviot and whatever two monsters featured in the segment " The New Shade of Pink ". When Gwen was given the Pink Quasar Saber (like how Karone handled it and became the new Pink Galaxy Ranger of the same PRLG ep), she used it to pumble Trakeena (who showed up late) and they just dueled on a mountain top, she became the new Pink Ranger. The guys were shocked when she joined and it was as a tribute to their fallen conrad.

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