In order to get Tony's attention, Trakeena, who is onboard the Scorpion Stinger, is seen lying on her throne bed in her darken throne room as she uses the Crystal of Nightmares on only 4 rangers (leaving them feared and stuck with their worst nightmares) and leaves Tony in a delightful somewhat love dream world with the bugbabe.

Shoot DateEdit

  • January 13, 2011

Cast of CharactersEdit

Dream ReferrencesEdit

Production TriviaEdit

  • Tony remains the only Ranger in this segment to not have a nightmare involved from previous PRLGTROT film moments, because Trakeena allured him to her fantasy paradise, separating him from the Power Rangers at ease.
  • Villamax XXIV and Kegler have minor parts in this segment.
  • Story elements from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers s1's "Crystal of Nightmares" and Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy's " Dream Battle "(#39) has been used but Marsh told and merged them in a different way in the film.
  • The Delvira costume came from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. It was an unused female monster never featured in Mighty Morphin season 3.
  • The American version of Delvira resembled the Soulcalibur character Ivy but with pale white skin.
  • This segment featured Amy Rolle to voice a monster for the first and only time.
  • The extended version of the 3-Way Megazord battle which was used in " Three Criminals Too Many " is used. There, it included extended footage of the Time Shadow Megazord from the Power Rangers: Time Force episode "The Time Shadow". The Doomtron appears in this particular version while in TCTM, the Quantum Ranger's Q-Rex appears to attack the Time Shadow and that version came from the TF episode "Quantum Secrets".
  • The Swabbies appear as footsoldiers for this segment, nor the Stingwingers or Neo-Vipers don't.
  • Footage of the Rangers fighting the Swabbies in the snow came from Gingaman #44 or 46.

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