When Deviot brings the Psycho Rangers back, the Space Rangers come to Terra Venture to help our heroes defeat these maniacal menaces.


  • November 4, 1999


First half of the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy-Power Rangers in Space teamup story arc.


  • The episode's title was originally going to be called as "Power of the Tenth".
  • Although Power Rangers: Zeo became the first series to feature a teamup with a previous group of Rangers, Lost Galaxy was annually the first to feature a teamup trend with a team of Rangers that have a common enemy- the Psycho Rangers. This was repeated in the following Power Rangers series:
    • Lightspeed Rescue (w/the Galaxy Rangers, for 2 episodes)
    • Time Force (w/the Lightspeed Rangers, for 1 episode)
    • Wild Force (w/the Time Force Rangers, for 2 episodes and including the "Forever Red" special)
    • Dino Thunder (w/the Ninja Storm Rangers, for 2 episodes)
    • SPD (w/the Dino Thunder Rangers, for 2 episodes)
    • Operation Overdrive (w/veteran Rangers from previous series, for 2 episodes)
  • Psycho Pink remains the only Psycho Ranger during the story arc to be alive, while the remaining 4 dead.
  • Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger, didn't appear in the teamup.
  • Although there were only 5 Rangers present from the In Space season, there were 6 Rangers in Lost Galaxy, but Magna Defender shouldn't count ten. It's obvious, with Mike with his Ranger team, it makes 11 Power Rangers in battle against the Psychos.

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